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Lord Kylin Collectors Club Coming Soon

LORD KYLIN CLUB (the “LKC”, or the “Club”) is an international non-profit organization founded by a number of rare spirits collectors and industry leaders. It aims to promote the culture of collecting spirits & wine as well as popularize the knowledge of investing in the sector, so that connoisseurs could share the joy of collecting, and hence the slogan “Let’s Collect Together”, eventually helping explore a sustainable growth path for the industry.

Jason Xiang, CEO of Kylin Spirits Group, and other 30 top international collectors are the co-founders of Lord Kylin Club, and will hold a joint inauguration ceremony in Monaco and mainland China in November this year. According to Jason’s introduction, the project was launched less than a month ago and the market value of the collected spirits has already exceeded US$400 million.

Among the investment categories of luxury assets, the rare spirits always surprises investors, including some rare whiskies with a return of nearly 6 times (source: Statista), which is the reason for the popularity of Lord Kylin Club and the beautiful pursuit of spiritual culture.

The total number of members worldwide will be permanently limited to 1,000.

If an interested party owns collections of spirits & wine verified to have a current value of over 200,000 USD and has recommendations of the founders or members, they are welcome to submit applications, which will be reviewed by the board. After approval by the board, and once annual membership fees of $2000 are paid, applicants will officially become members.


Club Service

1.To organise tasting, knowledge sharing, and trading events of all kinds of rare spirits & wine, including blind tasting events, investment knowledge sharing events, VIP visits to distilleries, meetings with top master distillers, private customizations and auctions, and negotiations for better pricings with group orders etc.

2.To provide rare investment opportunities associated directly with acclaimed distilleries, including investing bottled or single barrel spirits & wine, investing in spirits companies & opportunities to participate in their IPOs, and funds, etc.;

3.Top knowledge sharing & exchange activities unrelated to spirits & wine; others.


The right of application is only open to collectors, national-level master distillers, investors, entrepreneurs, former statespersons, royal family members, renowned scholars, leaders of international organizations etc.


Shammy / Secretariat Office

+86 19938462317

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