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Kylin Spirits Group signs agreement with Luzhou Laojiao to usher in a new future for Chinese whisky

On 30 July 2022, Kylin Spirits Group (“Kylin”) and Luzhou Laojiao signed a cooperation agreement on Chinese whisky at the Development Forum for China-EU Geographical Indication Products, a parallel event of the First Global Geographical Indications Products Expo. This means that both parties will start a deeper strategic cooperation in the field of Chinese whisky and work together to put Chinese whisky on a fast growth path.

Kylin plays a pioneering role in the field of Chinese whisky and has a leading brand competitiveness and high market share, which enables a forward-looking and complete industrial layout in the field of whisky. The company holds about 85% of Mongolian oak in the distribution market. It has successfully reduced the complete dependence of Chinese oak barrels on imports and fully mastered barrel making, barrel maturing and coopering skill of Barrel of China, aiming to dialogue with the world via Chinese whisky.

Luzhou Laojiao, the creator of the culture, standard and brand of Nongxiangxing Baijiu (baijiu with strong aromatic), is known as the origin of strong aromatic baijiu. Luzhou Laojiao adheres to its cultural mission "Let the world savor China" and accelerates its globalization by joining the China-EU Agreement on Cooperation and Protection of Geographical Indications, which officially enters into force in 2021.

The last 2021 is considered the first year of Chinese whisky. Overseas giants, well-known spirits companies, international capital and capital from other industries are turning their attention to mainland China and making bold moves to invest in distilleries, R&D and branding activities. It is widely believed that Chinese whisky will increase by a market volume of about RMB 200 billion in the next decade, while the market capitalization of the leading Chinese whisky companies may reach about RMB 100 billion.

The strategic cooperation between Kylin and Luzhou Laojiao resonates not only with the common vision of " dialogue with the world via Chinese whisky " and "let the world savor China", but also with the complementary strengths of both companies in R&D, production, branding and marketing, which also demonstrates the determination and conviction of both parties to focus on the Chinese whisky and find new channels for Chinese brands and Chinese spirits abroad.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dušan Bella, Slovak Ambassador to China, Yang Changying, Deputy Mayor of Luzhou, Lin Feng, President/Deputy Party Secretary at Luzhou Laojiao, Yu Lu, Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products, Pan Feng, Vice Chairman of China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC), Zou Xueming, Chief of Luzhou Liquor Industry Development and Promotion Bureau as on-site witness, and Willie Phillips, Chairman of Kylin Spirits Group and Max McFarlane, Chief Engineer of Kylin Spirits Group with online presence. These honored guests participated in this significant event in the history of Chinese whisky, joining hands to witness and shed light on the bright future of Chinese whisky.

In addition, Kylin Spirits Group and Luzhou Laojiao will jointly launch a series of malt whiskies named "Lord Kylin" this year based on the strategic partnership, according to Jason Xiang, CEO of Kylin Spirits Group and founder of Sino-European Manufacturing Club (SEMC). Lord Kylin Malt Whisky, which was first introduced to some booths and media at the First Global Geographical Indication Products Expo, is the first product in this series.

The Lord Kylin Malt Whisky collections are made from locally sourced Chinese barley, water and peat and aged in "Barrels of China," a type of Mongolian oak barrel specially developed by Kylin. They showcase the Chinese flavors reminiscent of the vast country of China and exemplify the pioneering Chinese philosophy of whisky making that will set new standards and give new impetus to the booming Chinese whisky industry.

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