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Dean Xie Yanjun and his party visit Kylin Spirits Group

On August 22, Professor Xie Yanjun (third from left) and Professor Wang Xiaochun (third from right) visit Kylin Spirits Group. Professor Xie is the dean and doctoral supervisor of College of Materials Science and Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, also a recipient of Changjiang Distinguished Professor title (Note: Changjiang Scholars Program is the highest academic award issued to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China). Professor Wang is the doctoral supervisor of the Ecological Research Center, Forestry School of Northeastern Forestry University.

Jason Xiang, founder and CEO of Kylin Spirits Group warmly receive Professor Xie and Professor Wang.

They exchange in-depth views on the oak variety and research of Barrel of China, and the impact of Kylin Mongolian oak barrels on the taste of spirits, and finally reache a consensus on the relevant R&D results and their applications.

Both parties intend to promote the cooperation in basic research to be further deepened into applied research cooperation in the future and actively explore the flavor origins of Chinese single-origin whiskies.

Ailin Chen, Vice President of Kylin Greater China, Zhang Fan, Brand Director of Kylin Greater China, and heads of Kylin Greater China's Liaison Department attend the reception.

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