the origins of the “Chinese flavour”

Lord Kylin Malt Whisky, a tribute to innovation, was jointly launched by the Kylin Spirits Group & the world-renowned spirits giant Luzhou Laojiao. It was co-created by the legendary whisky maker Max McFarlane & Chinese Baijiu master distiller SHEN Caihong.


With flower flavour, peach, litchi fruit juice soft feeling, a sense of fruit rhyme, mellow and soft taste rich layers.


        alc:40% vol  net:500ml


With inspirations from the 9.6 million square kilometres of vast Chinese land, it aims to present the origins of the “Chinese flavour”

the fine liquor is made using the ancient “Chinese barley” smoked by circulating “Chinese peat” and natural water from a famous Chinese spring. It is then matured in the “Chinese cask” made by Kylin with old-growth Mongolian oak and given the magic of the Old Father Time, imbued with unique oriental spices and the sweetness of Mongolian oak acorns. It is truly an unprecedented interpretation of the “Philosophy of Chinese Single-Origin Distillation”, marking the start of the journey of Chinese Whisky.