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What Brings Master Distillers from the East and the West Together?

Teetering on the brink of a new era, and watched over by the benevolent spirit of the ancient and mythical animal Kylin, we bring together the best master distillers from the East and the West.


Honouring the spirit of collaboration, they created the ground-breaking Kylin Baiskey.

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Max McFarlane

One of the World’s Top Whisky Makers.

Max McFarlane was whisky maker for Edrington for over 25 years, ensuring the quality and consistency of some of the industry’s most iconic brands, including Famous Grouse, Highland Park, Cutty Sark, Bunnahabhain, and Tamdhu.

More notably, his Highland Park 18-year-old was voted the best single malt in the word, and until his retirement Max’s name adorned every bottle of the Orkney malt.

SHEN Caihong

Master SHEN Caihong is an acclaimed distiller and for many significant titles in the industry, he was one of the first to win them: Inheritor of Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chinese National Brewmaster, Sichuan Tianfu Craftsman.

In addition, he is the director of National Solid-State Brewing Engineering Technology Research Center, and the vice General Manager, chief engineer of Luzhou Laojiao Co.Ltd.

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