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Kylin Baiskey - The Birth of Chinese Whisky Style

This spirit is a ground-breaking fusion of single malt Scotch whisky and Chinese baijiu produced in 1573 Luzhou National Cellars. It is distilled and mixed through the outstanding craftsmanship of the legendary Scottish whisky maker Max McFarlane and Chinese master distiller Shen Caihong before being aged for a second time in Mongolian oak casks specially developed by Kylin.



Golden Wheat


A balanced and sophisticated taste, with touches of luquorice, sea salt butterscotch



A pleasant aroma of ripe fruit


An elegant lightly-peated aftertaste

Sold out


Kylin Barrels Made with Carefully Selected Oak and Outstanding Craftsmanship

Kylin carefully selects Mongolian oak ranging from 80 to 130 years old and transports them down the mountains from areas that are only reachable by skiing in winter. The oak is then polished by meticulous handcraft and smoked with special charcoal, resulting in the birth of Kylin ancient oak barrel. Rich in an array of phenols, Kylin oak barrels infuse Baiskey with a natural golden colour and sophisticated layers of taste.

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