Kylin Drinking Vessel 

We have created the perfect companion vessel to help connoisseurs appreciate Kylin Baiskey in a more pleasant, refined and professional manner.

Each detail of the glass, from its shape and capacity to its composition and thickness, is carefully designed to bring out the unique character of Kylin Chinese Kylin Baiskey.

The inspiration for the design came from a Chinese Ming dynasty-era Kylin-shaped vessel used for warming alcohol. After being preserved underground for over 400 years, this vessel was unearthed in 1986 in Luzhou, China. Its design is extremely clever - when it was to be used, hot coals were first put in the stove inside the cavity, transferring the heat to the circular bowls found on both sides; then the cups holding the alcohol were placed inside these bowls, so that the alcohol was heated as the temperature of the water inside the bowls increased.