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To achieve its vision, Kylin will build a comprehensive commercial ecosystem encompassing Kylin Investment Fund, Kylin Rare Spirits Club, and Kylin Distillery.

Aspiring to bring momentum to the company’s continuous technical innovation 、 ensure the quality and consistency of products, Kylin co-founded the International Research Center for Spirits Innovation (IRCSI) and assisted in inviting a number of top master distillers from all over the world to join the Research Center. As the Center's primary donor, Kylin will own the proprietary rights of all technical solutions developed by IRCSI.

Kylin Spirits Group Limited

Kylin Spirits Group Limited (“Kylin”), founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, was born out of the mission to bring the Chinese Baijiu and Chinese Whisky to the world, with a vision to become the 21st century's iconic name in spirits technology and innovation.

Kylin Baiskey is a ground-breaking fusion of single malt Scotch whisky and Chinese baijiu produced in 1573 Luzhou National Cellars. It is distilled and mixed through the outstanding craftsmanship of the legendary Scottish whisky maker Max McFarlane and Chinese master distiller Shen Caihong before being aged for a second time in Mongolian oak casks specially developed by Kylin.

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In October 2019, Kylin Spirits Group reached a strategic partnership agreement with Chinese Baijiu giant Luzhou Laojiao, who agreed to supply the most prized Baijiu distilled at Chinese National Treasures Cellars dating back to 1573 as a base liquor for Kylin to help create the first ever Baiskey for international businesspeople, diplomats, and aficionados. Due to the extremely limited availability of the base liquor, the product can only be supplied in small batches.

As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Kylin has promised to make annual donations to the cultural charity project “What Brings us Together”, in an effort to promote the communication and understanding between people from the East and the West.

Kylin Rare Spirits Club

Based on the strategic cooperative arrangement between Kylin Spirits Group and a leading Chinese duty-free group, Kylin’s unparalleled global spirits industry resources, and its expert selection of fine spirits from around the world, the company acts as an agent and investor in promoting rare and aged whisky, brandy and Baijiu, aiming to provide a reliable trading platform for connoisseurs to acquire and invest in rare spirits.


By guiding connoisseurs in tracing the origins of these drinks, Kylin Spirits Group strives to spread alcohol culture from every region of the world in an authentic and comprehensive way. We aspire to become an internationally recognized home for lovers of fine spirits through targeted promotions at professional tasting events.


Kylin Investment Fund

Kylin Investment Fund (the “Fund”), registered in China’s Chengdu City, is expected to be set up in June 2022. It was founded by the top Chinese Baijiu maker Luzhou Laojiao, a renowned UK capital management company, and the Sino- European Manufacturing Club (SEMC). It focuses on finding innovative investment opportunities in the Chinese alcohol sector.


The LPs of the Fund are influential companies in the area of spirits, beverages and luxury from both China and abroad. The size of the Fund is 1 billion RMB in total, among which 500 million RMB will be raised during the initial offering. When moving towards the second phase of the project, a US Dollar Fund will also be set up.

International Research Center For Spirits Innovation (IRCSI)

International Research Center for Spirits Innovation (IRCSI), a nonprofit international organization, was founded in October 2019 at the joint proposal of a number of spirits companies, trade associations, governments, master distillers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. With its headquarters in London and research centre in Scotland, it aims to promote innovation in the spirits sector.

IRCSI does not only serve as a platform for master distillers to exchange their thoughts and techniques, but also as an important channel for international liquor companies to cooperate with each other.


Aspired to find sustainable development paths for the industry, IRCSI devotes itself to the following work programs: to publish the White Paper on Baijiu's Internationalization, to establish the Center for Technology Innovation and Transfer, to do research in lost distilling skills, to coordinate international visits for master distillers and alcohol companies, to establish the International Spirits Innovation Academy, to promote the application of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain in spirits, as well as to set up the Spirits Investment Parallel Fund.

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