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On 28th July 2021, the 4th KYLIN FUN banquet was held successfully at Beijing Chang’An private member’s club. The theme of the event is methods of strengthening and improving China’s international communication.

Kylin Fun banquet series, organized by the Sino-European Manufacturing Club (SEMC) and sponsored by UK’s Kylin Spirits Group, are held regularly at the most iconic venues around the world, in the aim of creating an international-resource-sharing platform for companies. Based on a membership system, each Kylin Fun banquet invites 20 guests from China and abroad. Focusing on the concept of What Brings Us Together, the events showcase not only the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western culture but also exemplify how joy could be explored from the differences. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for guests to taste Kylin Duality of Spirits, share their life stories, and salute to the spirit of creation and cooperation.

Jason Xiang, founder of SEMC and President of Kylin Spirits Group (UK), delivered an opening speech themed with "Methods of Strengthening and Improving China’s International Communication". He said that, “SEMC and the Kylin Spirits Group have been committed to promoting cultural exchange between the East and the West. The year 2021, as a year representing the start of a new chapter of telling China’s stories in the international arena, will witness the emergence of a group of Chinese entrepreneurs with international vision, international business development capabilities and a sense of responsibility for the global community. These businesspeople will play an important role in spreading China’s culture.”

One of the most effective ways of enhancing China’s international communication is to tell China’s stories by using cultural products, which are also important tools to showcase China’s culture comprehensively and faithfully. Kylin Spirits Group, a company with the vision to become the 21st century's most iconic name in spirits technology and innovation, has partnered with global spirits giant Luzhou Laojiao to bring Baijiu to the world. Their cooperation has successfully given rise to Kylin Duality of Spirits, a type of innovative drinks fusing Chinese Baijiu and Scotch Whisky, harmonizing the best of the East and the West. Furthermore, the product can also promote the communication between people from different cultural backgrounds, which is also a vivid exemplification of “What Brings Us Together”.

Guests to the banquet also shared important viewpoints on bettering China’s international communication and companies’ strategies in going global. Later on, the guests tasted Kylin Duality of Spirits together, and the event ended on an upbeat note.

Guest List of Kylin Fun 04

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