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Kylin Baiskey Takes Home China Alcoholic Drinks Association's Qingzhuo Award

On July 15 at 19:30, the "2021 Qingzhuo Award Ceremony for New Alcoholic Products," organized by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA), was held in the Luzhou City’s Juyang International Banquet Hall. As an important part of the 17th China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo (CIADE), the event brought together more than 100 well-known wine & spirits companies from across the country. Government and industry leaders, including CADA Chairman Song Shuyu, CADA Executive Chairman Wang Qi, CADA Secretary General He Yong, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Luzhou Municipal People's Congress Song Yong, Luzhou Vice Mayor Wang Binda, and Vice Chairman of the Luzhou People's Political Consultative Conference Tang Jie, attended the event and presented awards to winning companies and individuals.

Kylin Baiskey, a product launched by Kylin Spirits Group, stood out in the category of "International Distilled Spirits" and was selected for one of the highest honours in the Chinese liquor industry – the "Qingzhuo Award.” Mr. Zhang Fan, Brand Director for Greater China of Kylin Spirits Group, was invited to attend the event and received the award on behalf of the company.

In the opinion of industry insiders and event judges, the meticulous care invested in creating the product and the brand's innovative concept were key determining factors in the selection of Kylin Baiskey as the recipient of this major award: it is a mixed spirit arising out of the ground-breaking fusion of Scotch malt whisky and Chinese Luzhou 1573 National Treasure Cellars Baijiu. After being distilled and mixed by legendary Scottish Master Distiller Max McFarlane and Chinese Master Distiller Shen Caihong, the liquor is then transferred to Kylin's own old-growth oak casks for secondary maturation. The bottle design also represents a kind of fusion between East and West, being made of two materials, ceramic and glass, invoking a sense of Song Dynasty-style minimalist aesthetics. Even more importantly, of course, the product was most accurately characterized as a “spirit for international business and diplomacy”.

The year 2021 has been called the "birth year of Chinese whisky". International giants, well-known liquor companies, and international investors have all begun to focus their attention on mainland China and are investing aggressively in distilleries and work in areas like product R&D and brand operations. It is precisely for this reason that the category of "International Distilled Spirits" was included for the first time as part of last year's “Qingzhuo Award,” for which two whiskies were selected. This year, however, many more whiskies were presented with awards.

It is therefore clear that Chinese whisky is on the verge of taking off, and Kylin Spirits Group has claimed its spot at the forefront of the industry by establishing a forward-looking industrial layout and by forging a complete whisky ecology. Relying on a strong R&D team, Kylin selects Chinese barley, Chinese water, Chinese oak casks, Chinese peat, and adopts the “Chinese Single Origin Whisky Distillation Philosophy,” which will be represented in the upcoming “Lord Kylin” series of Chinese whiskies.

Previously, Kylin Baiskey was included in the "Top 10 Innovative Spirits Launches of 2021" List by the authoritative industry magazine The Spirits Business, was selected as the best case of 2022 in the Issue-based Training Program case library of ESGCI GLOBAL EDBA , and won the Future Star Award at the 2021 Alcohol Innovation and Investment Conference. The spirit has likewise received high praise from legendary whisky connoisseur Charles MacLean and won the coveted Qingzhuo Award. This series of major honours is undoubtedly a recognition of the quality of Kylin's products and brand connotation. Kylin Baiskey and Kylin Spirits Group look forward to the day when they can stand on a larger stage and speak to the world in the language of Chinese whisky.

About the"Qingzhuo Award" "The Qingzhuo Award" is a national award sponsored by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA), the highest management authority of the Chinese alcohol industry. The award is offered to encourage innovation that could lead to improvements in the quality of the alcohol industry. Being sponsored by the highest authority and evaluated by the most authoritative expert judges, the Qingzhuo Award is awarded to highest-performing companies and those with the most promising developmental direction in the alcohol industry. The "Qingzhuo Award" selection is recognized as the Chinese alcohol industry´s most rigorous and professional product evaluation event. Every year since its establishment in 2015, it has featured the participation of many famous distilleries such as Moutai, Wuliangye, and Luzhou Laojiao, and has been widely hailed both within the Chinese alcohol industry and abroad, promoting the healthy and rapid development of the industry in China.

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