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The International Institute for Spirits Innovation (IRCSI) has been launched in London

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The inauguration of The International Institute for Spirits Innovation (IRCSI) took place at the Royal Air Force Club in London on October 23th, 2019. More than 120 politicians and business people, representatives from spirits industry from all over the world have witnessed the unforgettable moment.

The following guests have attended the inauguration ceremony:

  • Willie Phillips, Former CEO of the Macallan Distillery;

  • Sir Tom Hunter, Chairman of West Coast Capital;

  • Max McFarlane, Former Chief Engineer of Eddington Group;

  • Liu Miao, Chairman of Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd.;

  • Shen Caihong, Chief Engineer of Chairman of Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd.;

  • Kenneth Dunsmore, Executive Director of The Prince's Foundation;

  • Peter Cummings, Chairman of The Hunter Foundation;

  • Jason Xiang, CEO of Kylin Spirits Group.

At the joint proposal of dreaming spirits companies, industry associations, appellation governments, master distillers and entrepreneurs worldwide, who are representative figures of the global spirits industry and leaders of the new industrial revolution, International Research Center for Spirits Innovation (IRCSI) was founded. As a non-profit international organization, it aims to promote innovation in spirits with its headquarters in London and research centre in Scotland.

IRCSI does not only serve as a platform for master distillers to exchange their thoughts and techniques, but also as an important channel for international liquor companies to cooperate with each other. By issuing The White Paper on Baijiu’s Internationalization, establishing the Center for Technology Innovation and Transfer, the discovery & research of lost distillery skills, coordinating international visits for master distillers and alcohol companies, as well as founding International Spirits Innovation Academy, the application of new technologies such as blockchain and the Spirits Investment Parallel Fund, IRCSI will devote itself to finding sustainable development paths for the industry.

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