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General Agent - Kylin Spirits Group

Mr Kylin 

Finest Quality 

Trendsetting Baijiu 

Mr Kylin is a new type of spirit jointly launched by  Luzhou Laojiao, designed to promote the concept " Live Life to the Fullest." It is the spirit that is opening both the international baijiu market and the Chinese market for new types of baijiu, representing original take on the concept of a “Trendsetting Chinese Baijiu Brand. “

The 24th generation of traditional distilling techniques 

The spirit comes from Luzhou Laojiao, a world-renowned spirits company. It is distilled by the 24th-generation-inheritor of Luzhou Laojiao's traditional distillation techniques. Innovations have been introduced to the techniques of ancient craftsmanship, imbuing Mr Kylin with a rich structure and mellow finish that make it easy to drink. It can be freely mixed with various beverages and juices to create a personalized drinking experience in the form of iced drinks and cocktails.


Chinese tradition with international trend

The bottle was designed by a well-known designer and combines Chinese tradition with international trends. The products are priced at several levels such as 299 RMB/ 599 RMB, and will occasionally feature collaborations with top designers, fashion brand directors, consumer representatives, lifestyle influencers and other partners to create more popular limited editions, making Mr Kylin one of the representative brands among China's major trendsetters.

At present, Mr Kylin has been in demand by the local elite in 54 countries and cities around the world. "If you want to learn to appreciate Chinese spirits – start with Mr Kylin" has become the slogan of an iconic drinking trend.


Mr Kylin Blue Lable


42% alc./vol.      


Color: light yellow and transparent
Nose: Classic jasmine fragrance 
Palate: Sweet floral aroma, fresh and natural
Finish: mellow and sweet aftertaste, soft and refreshing


Mr Kylin green Lable


42% alc./vol.      


Color:  light yellow, resembling aged liquor 
Nose: Classic aroma of aged spirits, accompanied by notes of ripe cereal
Palate: Rich flavour of fresh tea leaves

Finish: full and generous in structure, with a lingering aftertaste

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